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PushPushGo Lite operates on a subscription model with two pricing plans tailor to the need of smaller businesses. This method of payment means that formalities have been kept to a minimum. As part of PushPushGo Lite customers receive access to the most Responsiveness and email marketing Back to the list of entries Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Pinterest Buffer One of the important features of any email marketing campaign is how your messages will be display to users. They must be scalable i.e. look good regardless of screen size and resolution.

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Responsiveness and email marketing are sometimes not an easy dilemma. We have prepar tips on how to keep your mailings responsive. What is responsiveness Responsiveness as a concept is nothing more than automatic adjustment of display content to a given screen Finance Directors Email Lists resolution. Thanks to it when you watch YouTube on your phone computer and TV you see an interface adapt to a specific device . All applications websites advertisements and email marketing campaigns should be responsive. There are several reasons the user must be able to read the content and see the images otherwise he will leave your site close the email and perhaps never become a customer of your company companies that care about responsiveness are rate as more professional whats more they record a lower exit rate and care about customer experience the user can conveniently view the content regardless of what device he uses.

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We have prepar simple tricks that will help you learn more about responsiveness and implement it in your campaigns. Trick – Responsiveness is font and image BTC Database US sizes and viewport It is obvious that depending on the size and resolution of the screen the size of individual elements should change so that they are legible . However not everyone knows that this is not all. One of the pillars of responsiveness is the so call viewport .