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In the specification of browsers and applications it means the area that is visible on the screen without scrolling to either side . A good responsive design does not require horizontal scrolling of the screen. For many years users are used to it and can skip content that does not fit on the screen. It is good to specify the size of images or videos in percentages instead of pixels or set them to the maximum and minimum width and height attributes. If you code yourself or order message templates from a programmer it is worth remembering that with ready made tools such as our FreshMail Designer the platform usually takes care of these multimedia parameters.

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Trick Check each device You dont need multiple computers or smartphones to see how your website or email looks on different screens. Popular browsers like VP Technical Email Lists Firefox and Chrome have built in device emulators . In Google Chrome just open the console with the F key and click on the devices icon. Above the preview you will find a drop down list with several predefined devices to choose from you can also edit what devices you see there and add new ones. The equivalent in Firefox is activated by pressing Ctrl+Shift+M. There are also free add ons for browsers and separate tools for viewing on multiple devices. You will find them in the browsers add on stores.

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In FreshMail we also have the option of previewing email on various devices. Trick New media formats Digital graphics are divided into raster and vector . Images in vector formats have extensions such as .svg .ai or .eps. Many graphic programs save projects BTC Database US in them while in the context of the Internet the most interesting is definitely the SVG format . Images saved in this format have a small file size and excellent scalability. They look good both when zoomed in and out.