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It gives you some new insight into the ethics of fast fashion. You didn’t think much about it before but you’ll feel some cognitive dissonance if you keep making the same clothing choices. Addiction As we many people know that smoking is bad for their health but they still continue to smoke. Addiction is one of the most important causes of cognitive dissonance. Because addiction creates a chemical dependence on a substance, whether it’s nicotine or sugar, the dissonance is hard to shake off. Effects of Cognitive Dissonance Being in a state of cognitive dissonance is unpleasant. Living without living by our values ​​over time starts to take a toll on our mental health and mental health.

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Yet research shows that cognitive dissonance can have a positive impact. When we deal with dissonance and understand why it happens we can make changes that keep us aligned Netherlands Phone Numbers List In one study researchers asked participants to give a speech encouraging the audience to take some kind of positive action. Before they go on stage they are told to think about a time when they did not exhibit this behavior. As a result, participants felt like hypocrites but their willingness to take positive action increased. This suggests to us that cognitive dissonance creates a motivational state that leads to cognitive change. It helps people start doing the mental work needed to reduce conflict.

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For example, someone may be so tired of experiencing cognitive dissonance every time they smoke that they seek help. They might join a support group, read books about drug addiction, quit cigarettes. Even though BTC Database US withdrawal from addiction is difficult, they can take comfort in knowing that their lives are in healthy alignment with what they really value. People with Cognitive Dissonance Hold Their Heads What Are the Signs of Cognitive Dissonance The truth is that most of us have experienced dissonance at one time or another. Unfortunately there is no flashing red light telling you when you don’t live up to your values ​​it’s all internal. In order to live an authentic life you need to be able to recognize when you are compensating for inconsistencies.