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Inducing compliance If a person finds themselves in a situation where they have to do something they disagree with they will feel uncomfortable. Since they cannot escape the behavior they try to re-establish their reasons for doing it in a way that makes the behavior acceptable. Participants in a laboratory experiment on had to complete a series of boring tasks. Then give them dollars or dollars and ask them to tell the people in the waiting room that the task is fun. People who received a dollar were more likely to rate the activity highly. If the task is boring what prompts them to change their attitude their brain needs to create cognitive coherence.

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Because the task was not rewarded enough monetarily they concocted an internal motivation to justify the lie. New call to action. Decision making When we say yes to a choice New Zealand Phone Numbers List whether it’s as small as what to order for lunch or as big as where to live, we have to say no to other things. To alleviate the psychological pain of rejecting a choice anyone we often begin to justify our decision. When we do this by thinking about the positives of our choices and the negatives of other choices this is called propagation of choice. Your brain feels better when your actions align with your values.

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Effort As humans we value results that take a lot of time, effort or resources to achieve. This is why we tend to associate cost with quality and we rationalize that we get what we pay for. When the effort doesn’t seem worth BTC Database US it we usually make up reasons why it’s better than other options. This proof-of-work process validates the benefits of the choices we make. New Information In today’s world we are inundated with information. A thirty-second social media video can completely change our perspective. That’s exciting because it means we’re learning all the time but it can lead to cognitive dissonance. For example, suppose you watch a documentary.