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Sales goals sound more impressive than me being responsible for meeting quarterly sales goals. However personal achievements may not fit well into your work experience section which means they need to have their own headings education and certificates elsewhere in the document. You can list all of your and professional credentials here. Meeting. Highlight events in this section where you gave a speech or participated in a panel discussion. Even conference attendance counts if you’ve attended meaningful seminars or heard powerful lectures. Team discussions, roadmaps to product releases, examples of personal accomplishments, volunteer work. List fundraisers or community service time extracurricular activities here.

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For those of you who are recent graduates please list any student union varsity sports teams or other types of clubs you are involve with language. Here you can mention the languages ​​you know and how well you can write and speak them. You can also highlight your greatest. Accomplishments in your cover letter Malaysia Phone Number List Describing the key successes of your engagement will set you apart from other candidates and make. A good first impression with your recruiters. Use Powerful Language Whether in your cover letter or resume, wherever you refer to your accomplishments make sure to use strong action verbs such as learn to deliver and initiate. These words help connect you to the result.

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Demonstrate how your involvement leads to desired results. This is an example of weak language We organize an event to help hospitals generate revenue. Here we don’t know how you contribute to the team BTC Database US Even if you play the central role this statement fails to show the reader. Portrait of a casual businessman during a conference An example of a personal achievement Let’s put it another way: I planned and executed a fundraiser for a hospital that raised nearly $100,000 for patient care. Now know we were involve in the planning and execution of the project and the impact it made raised dollars for patient care. This is clearer and more impressive to the reader. Don’t underestimate yourself.