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Yes, unify the content of multiple pages in one. Keyword Cannibalization Reasons It is imperative to have a structure and plan content inventory before embarking on any type of online project. Analyze keywords, do keyword research, group them, choose the page types we want to target, post categories, service pages, etc. This is when we get to work. If this initial plan is out properly we probably won’t incur any kind of cannibalism. We don’t repeat search terms across different content so have no problem deciding which to target for which keywords. Otherwise it’s not enacting let’s call it.

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A content marketing plan or plan content development Hungary Mobile Number List In this case it is almost certain that we will repeat the content for the same or closely relate terms, repeating the keywords on all pages in no order. Another source of cannibalization that happens very, very, very often is content from our own site that isn’t specifically optimize for the keyword but magically ranks well or even ahead of the homepage. This can happen with product listings that have a higher click-through rate or that offer content that appears to be more relevant because they tend to have more data tag with multiple image reviews, etc.

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It can also go through a false internal link which usually has BTC Database US to do with a privacy policy or notice on the first page. These are usually linked from the footer to let the crawler know that they are highly relevant pages. How to Detect Keyword Cannibalization The easiest way to detect keyword cannibalization which of your sites are targeting the same keyword is to use the Advanced Search command in particular. site command see give you an example if you type in the search bar it will show you all that is located on the page. The problem with this is that it doesn’t specify where but when you see very similar or duplicate titles you already have something to start scratching.