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Cannibalized Sites Command Google Search Console The way to view rankings is through the Performance Options search results. On this screen we can add a new query type filter where we will indicate keywords. When we’re done we go through the list view and see all the keywords target for that keyword and the positions they occupy will appear. Cannibalization Tools You can also use specific tools to detect keyword cannibalization. With it you don’t have to point out the keywords in question but it will tell you which ones it uses out of all the target words. Cannibalization How to Avoid Keyword Cannibalization As we mentioned before, avoid cannibalization.

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It is imperative to do a good keyword analysis and define Honduras Mobile Number List a strategy that will work on the different pages of your website. We’ll look at some good practices that can help you avoid the problem of keyword cannibalization. Using long-tail keywords Using long-tail keywords allows you to categorize your content in a more specific way to avoid different cannibalization on your website. What does the word long tail mean? For example, for a generic keyword like shoes, we can create different content for a long tail keyword like dress shoes,  shoes, pattern shoes. Each of them responds to different user search intents so we can develop content without worrying about keyword cannibalization.

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Updating what’s been publish and positioned doesn’t BTC Database US always require creating new content. It is also important to conduct a thorough review and select those old articles or pages that desperately need to update their content. In these cases we won’t have to post another one to talk about the same topic and targeting for the keywords we already use on our site. Updating published content will help you avoid cannibalization issues. Prepare your Internal and External Linking Strategy Internal and external linking will let Google know what relevant content you want to target for your keywords. To do this you must define the anchor text that will be used when creating your link strategy.