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Requirements which describe the targeted characteristics of the latest mechanisms with the equally important requirement that no serious improvements to the low-level parts of the application’s business logic are required when transferring operations to the new mechanisms. Failure to comply with this condition will inevitably lead to the collapse of the entire project with secondary system effects. Standards we spent some time researching current trends in the field of business process management and concluded that of the existing graphical notations for describing business processes, business process models and notations are the most suitable for us.

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Almost all industrial software for business process India Business Fax List management. It is usually use to analyze documents, descriptions of interaction protocols between systems, etc. It is obvious that a graph is an extender version of the well-known flowchart. The diagram diagram example differs from some other popular notations in allowing you to describe a business process in sufficient detail that it can be execute directly in an information system. This property is implemente because functions that are call during the execution of certain operations can be indicate in the diagram, along with the parameters of these functions and the data describing the processing of the process.

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Also a format suitable for describing real-time BTC Database US business processes. Allows you to visually distribute the activities of a business process among users performing different roles. So-calle swimlanes are use for this. Swimlanes are rectangular areas marke with the name of. A role in which you can place the actions of the process corresponding to this role. Diagram swimlanes to store diagrams in the system repository and transfer. Them between installations we chose the process definition language format. This step can be omitted if the new operation can be fully assemble from existing components.