Modular Organization of the

Middle and lower layers of the business logic of the operation. According to our calculations the second and third points should allow us to suppress entropy at that layer of the system entropy has so far exhibited unbridled and uncontrolled growth. Goals and requirements the ultimate goal of our work can be expressed as follows: reduce the development, implementation and maintenance costs of the system and execute business processes by creating a modern, versatile, flexible and at the same time simple and intuitive setup mechanism.

The requirements we have

Formulated for the new mechanism correspond Italy Business Fax List to this goal by respecting modern standards in the field of business process management such as the use of graphical symbols and symbols. Versatility. All operations and important procedures over time should be transferred to the new mechanism. Set the visibility of business processes. Bank employees who are not professional programmers should be able to create and modify to learn the principles of operation. Ability to assign actions by user role. Many operations of our system require the participation of multiple users who play different roles. A typical example is a cash transaction when documents are processed by a teller and a cashier makes a payment to a customer.

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New mechanisms should allow

The creation of such operations. High performance BTC Database US and supports batch programs. The particularity of the system has a large number of complex objects such as account deposits and cards and a large number of transactions. Multiple tellers at the foreground workstation of the system can serve customers continuously at the same time. The back office runs group programs that process hundreds of thousands of invoice transactions and documents every day. The speed is a key characteristic. The new mechanism must therefore not negatively impact system performance and support the massive processing of application objects.