These Functions Are Called

Directly from the generated code in the graph passing them and getting the values ​​of process or package variables from them. These values ​​become normal variables in the code. Also we should detail how to transfer the process from one user to another. Users each work in their own workplace and the stages of operations they perform can be spaced apart in time. So when the business process detects that the user currently using it does not have the right to perform the next step, it saves its state variable values ​​and the currently active ones in the database and pauses.

In the future another user can

Continue the business process and its state Switzerland Business Fax List will be exactly. The same as it was before it was stopped. The transaction mechanism is part of the infrastructure. It runs under the control of the application server along with the whole system. Its functionality is available in any module. Operations implemented based on the new mechanism have free access to any application functionality due to the use of a common server infrastructure with the rest of the system. At the same time, the operating mechanism of the system is completely separated from the presentation layer, and their interaction is based on a simple protocol that is common to all business processes and their screen forms.

Fax Lists

This division allows launching

The same operation with different user interfaces BTC Database US in both without duplicating and modifying diagrams whether. In web and modules or in third-party web applications. Setting context-sensitive transaction parameters in real life many transaction parameters such as commission rates. Allowed currencies, accounting schemes may depend on the context in which they are performed, banking products, sectors, transaction dates, etc. These parameters are configured using business rules.

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