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Set of letters mean? Now there is a good opportunity to receive data from the unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in an automatic mode. Sharing the ability to obtain data from the unified national legal entity register is very important for banks. Very important because it allows you to identify customers faster and improve this process while significantly reducing paperwork. In order to facilitate the work of credit institutions the company has a special feature designed to solve this problem.

Algorithms for information exchange

Information systems are connected through SMS Gateway Estonia interdepartmental electronic interaction systems, which is well known to us. This is done in asynchronous mode by interacting with the irs as shown below. A credit bureau generates a request for information. The federal tax office sends a receipt upon acceptance of a non-acceptance request. After some time send a request to receive a response from the irs. The federal tax service sends the bank a response to an unprepared receipt or information requested from the uniform state register of legal persons. Implementation in bank.

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The function of obtaining information

From the national register of legal entities includes the BTC Database US following operations: generating a request to obtain brief information on legal entities or individual entrepreneurs; receiving responses from the federal tax office; recording requests and responses; The user can generate a request at absolutely any time to call up the corresponding process map from any topic list. But we should not forget that requests are sent only to physical legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. The graph calls the program from the topic list. In addition, the request can be made for a single client or for multiple clients at the same time. The picture shows that multiple customers form a request and it is also possible to perform a batch check on all customers of the bank.