This Business Rule Calculates

The commission amount based on the transaction parameters deposit type rate type currency date and rate number specified in the decision table. The decision table of the graph business rule calculates the fee for performing a deposit transaction. In order to calculate the fee for a specific transaction, the data for that transaction is transferred to the business rule. Use decision table business rules to determine the desired exchange rate and apply it to the transaction amount. As a result we get the calculated commission amount. The general mechanism for describing transactions implemented in provides a number of advantages to users of the system.

Firstly, the complexity of

Setting up and adjusting the operations provided Bulk SMS Bangladesh in the distribution package to meet the bank’s needs is reduced due to the unified and scalable approach to setup. Second, the common mechanisms for describing and executing operations and the set of reusable applications and sub-processes included in the system greatly facilitate the creation of user operations that best meet specific bank needs. A third generally accepted symbol-based approach would not require banking to search the market or training unique experts who would ensure performance. Support of existing operations and creation of new ones can be handled by any specialist who understands the common notation for describing business processes.

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