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Verification procedures for requests and replies to the state register of legal persons in the message log. It works in two modes as a message list and as a received file list. The message list contains general data request types and of course the message state diagram. Log cells have different colors depending on the status of the message. So messages are highlighted in red for messages that were not accepted by the service due to some error and need to be resent and in yellow for messages that require a status update I.E. Need to generate an additional request to receive the result of the data validation.

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It easier to track the status of messages. Figure SMS Gateway Slovenia registration log. List of messages the list of replies received contains information about file types, upload dates, etc. Every uploaded file affects the status of the messages in the log so the user will always have a picture of what is going on. Figure registration log. List of answers understand the periodic unavailability of the server we have implemented the possibility to resend requests to the national register of legal persons. So if the send fails or the server is unavailable you can send the request again later without regenerating the request.

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The received data graph. Figure reports viewing data BTC Database US received is organized by reports, which are similar to customer questionnaires. At the same time, the system displays the data of the subject card and the data of the roster. At the same time. This allows you to use relevant topics available in the bank the information is compared with the information provided by the federal tax office upon request. he practice of our products in banks for many years shows that we have chosen the correct development direction for continuous expansion and functional parameterization.

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