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Tree coloring new tools for technologists and specialists. In the version of the system the levels of data presentation and business logic are not separat. This does not allow the use of implementations with interfaces. Therefore the development of a single window is an excellent opportunity to start creating new trading mechanisms. At the same time we set ourselves the goal of creating a generic mechanism to describe and implement operations regardless of the service type or types serv by a particular operation. The new main and perhaps most striking feature is the interpretation of each operation as a business process.

This is describe in notation

English notation and business process model. What benefits do Bulk SMS Turkey we get from it first of all we have a general technique to develop operations that do not depend on the service type operation type. Each action is display according to the same rules in the graphics itor. Complex and repetitive sets of actions are divid into sub-processes that contain their own flow charts in compound action graphs. Figure figure. An example of a sub-process is describ by the analyst. Next we have the opportunity to ensure the reuse of various program applications and sub-processes. In previous implementations it was difficult to use the same component in different types of service operations.

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The new provides

A generic list diagram of all applications that can be use in any BTC Database US business process regardless of service type. Application list diagram. It is an international standard to save the language describing the process definition and implementation in the format of application list business process flow chart. Execution of a business process is to executing an instance of the class creat during compilation and calling its methods passing process input parameters to it. Execution of business processes can be interrupt and resume, for example, when operations are transferr from one user to another suspend due to the requirements of financial monitoring services.

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