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Attorney and general commands has also been moved to the interface but the ability to attach scanned copies of documents to the corresponding records has also been added in the single window. A lot of attention has been paid to the ergonomics of the single window as mentioned earlier. In particular, changes have been made to the client search area map. Figure customer search window usually customer service begins with the presentation of an id, so the field for entering parameters for this id should be the first in the search panel. To take the guesswork out of the teller

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Number of documents presented by the customer needs to Bulk SMS Thailand be entered into the system for searching. The input of these parameters has been consolidated in a field and provided with an input mask. Each type of document has its own mask. So the user only needs to enter the necessary characters in order and the system itself will arrange them in the correct way according to the given template. Masks also allow you to control what data entry the system expects. If a lain letter should be in a certain position, the system will not allow you to enter numbers or other characters in that position. As a nice addition the information about the client is now supplemented with his photo and signature.

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Another recently completed

Ergonomic improvement is the coloring map of the customer’s BTC Database US product tree. This improvement may seem trivial at first glance but in fact it offers undeniable ease of use. Each type of product is assigned a different color and the user can more easily navigate. The tree by searching for the desired product or its application in a specific color area. If each product is only associated with each application object it is related to, then it is more logical to group them at the same level without putting them at different levels of the tree. This will protect operators from unnecessary mouse clicks and speed up the customer service process.

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