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Of the process is fix in permanent storage such as in a database. Let’s now see how the deposit operation falls into our new concept from the perspective of a business process describing the business logic of the operation. The number of orchestrations is unexpectly less than the number of operations when moving nest operations to the new interface. These operations are combin into one business process and multiple business process tables are creat for these operations. Sheet. Issuance of interest on deposits issuance of interest on deposits inherit issuance one-time payment from a deceas depositor’s account deposit inherit payments but it’s possible to do the same thing while doing a different thing.

Therefore some general

Rules were develop for designing functionality with the possibility Bulk SMS Vietnam to reuse components when implementing nest operations. One of the general functions common here, for example, is the control of operations by financial monitoring services. The control itself is implement in a special module but to start it and process the results requires many actions in the application workstation. For this reason, there is a sub-process common to all operations in the single window, which stores the control of the operation and calls it in all the operations under control.

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This sub-process is automat

Proactively perform by the teller to control the standard operations require BTC Database US by the organization. It organizes pause operations if necessary for delay decisions, in which case the business process stops executing but saves all its parameters so that it can resume from where it stopp. For all deposit operations involving verification it is recommend to organize a general scheme diagram of this function. Diagram organizational scheme in the business process this scheme gives the maximum ruction of irrelevant actions. Screen forms for entering operation parameters are also display by special actions call from the business process. For some operations a data entry panel is sufficient.

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