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Fortunately all modern browsers already support it . For more traditional media try to save images in .png format instead of .jpg . PNG contains more data and uses lossless compression as a result its scaling brings better visual results. Using the JPG format when resizing often causes so called grain which is regular dots visible throughout the image. You can convert existing photos and images for free in any graphics program simply by opening them and saving them in the new format. It is also worth remembering that both SVG and .png are lighter so they increase the likelihood that you will not end up in the SPAM mailbox and increase your deliverability.

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Responsiveness tricks Trick Email yourself first For email marketing campaigns try sending yourself or your co workers first. See it on your devices and if you VP Safety Email Lists dont have many at hand use our Trick and use emulation. This way youll make sure how your content looks on different screens before sending it to your actual audience. Email marketing tools often offer this option as a step in creating a campaign. In. FreshMail also shows a preview on different devices right on the campaign creation screen. Trick Include Outlook There is a special type of software that is used to receive and send messages so called e mail client.

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The best known is Microsoft Outlook ThunderBird and iMail are also common. Unfortunately these applications approach the topic of rendering very differently i.e. processing HTML and CSS code into an image visible on the screen. Outlook does not use the BTC Database US Edge engine or Internet Explorer only Microsoft Word which was never designed as an email reader and sometimes it shows. When ordering or creating your own email templates make sure your emails look good in Outlook. If you use email marketing platforms when choosing check whether they offer templates adapted to Outlook.