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Example: You are a yoga instructor and you want to know what are the typical barriers to purchase when people consider buying online courses. Instead of asking “Why wouldn’t you want to buy a yoga class?”, you ask: “What annoys you the most in online course marketing?” or “What’s the most expensive online course you’ve ever bought and was it worth the price?” or “What was the cheapest online course you bought and was it worth the price?” answers than a detailed question about yoga classes. You get people talking, commenting and telling you the obstacles to buying.

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I believe that if three people say the same reason, which is annoying in the new database marketing of online courses, there are many others who think the same. Asking the right questions during background work is vital. We go through these in more depth in the Content Academy training. Sales page Masterclass 2. Writing a sales page doesn’t happen in 15 minutes Sales pages are typically long. I myself have written my own sales pages in Google the website. Typically, my sales pages are 10 – 16 A4 strips long. It is clear that such a sales page cannot be completed in 15 minutes.

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Always write the sales page one section at a time. Since the sales page has its own structure, it is easy to write one section rather than trying to write the entire sales page in one sitting. Sometimes the flow takes over and a lot of text is created in a short time, but especially in the early stages this is rare. You should write a sales page for at least 30 minutes every day. When you break the task into smaller parts, it is easier to commit to it. Remember that even an elephant is eaten one piece at a time. Also read this: Which BTC Database US program should you use to create a sales page? 3. The structure of the sales page is different from that of the blog post As I mentioned earlier, the sales page has a specific structure.