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 However, this is different from the structure of a blog post. So, what’s the structure like?  detail in the upcoming Masterclass trainings, registration for which opens at the beginning of September. Everything starts from the title. The title should be arresting and arouse curiosity. There are actually only 4 working title options on the sales page. If you use one of them, you will succeed with the title every time. After that comes the so-called “introduction” (eng. lead), whose task is to prove the title partially correct. This can be done in a couple of ways.

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 After the title, you can either remove resistance, an obstacle to purchase, or show new data customer feedback that proves the title is correct. Example: Title: “With the help of 3 changes, Kaisa started sleeping 8 hours of restful sleep every night” Introduction: Kaisa’s feedback Please note that the title or Kaisa’s feedback do not yet say what these 3 changes were.  2 changes, and one is the method taught in the course. After the introduction, the sales page continues in a slightly different way depending on how many people have responded to the topic.

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For example, I myself work in the “making money” genre, so my audience has already heard a lot of different “make money fast” clichés for several years. Because of this, I have to write a follow-up to a sales page differently than one that offers a yoga class for weight loss. In this free guide, I will tell you in more detail which 17 elements are important to have on a sales page. 4. Downplaying the importance of the sales page hurts sales Below is a simplified picture of why a sales page is such an important part of your business. You can direct people to the sales page from as many different places as BTC Database US you can think of. Typically, the sales funnel works in such a way that you direct people from Google and social media to your email list, warm them up there and then sell your products and services.