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Advertisers can use different terms, but in all cases, the content of the advertisement must be clearly marked as an advertisement. According to the Federal Trade Commission: “ The list should use a clear label to indicate that the ranking is paid. ” [2] In recent years, consumers have responded more positively to emotional-attracting advertisements, and some advertisers have sought to integrate their advertisements into the entertainment that is being presented.

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 These types of integrated advertising allow companies to be associated with content that   special data  has been consumed. [7] Product implantation ( Embedded marketing ) is a pioneer in native advertising. The former puts products in content, while in local marketing permitted by US law, as long as there is sufficient disclosure, [8] products and content are combined.

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The table Although the inventions surrounding native advertisements are still ambiguous, many experts [ cunning claims ] believe that the 《Hormack Hall of Fame 》 series of programs is one of the earliest examples of the technology. The program was first  BTC Database US  broadcast in 1951 and is still running. [Need to quote ] Modern native advertising formats now include promotion of videos, images, articles, reviews, music and various other forms of media.

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