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Most of the performance metrics or KPIs for call centers focus on customer satisfaction , their response and their future actions. The customer is the most important thing in a call center, so measuring their behavior and results is vital to know how they are working. What are KPIs for contact centers KPIs are metrics and measurements that are carri out to know the status of the different divisions of a call center . They monitor and evaluate how work is done and the results that are offer.

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Customer satisfaction and knowing where to Colombia Phone Number List improve. It is a task in charge of personnel control and they are responsible for indicating to you which direction your company is heading.  should know Customer satisfaction: it is the most relevant of all. It helps you measure customer satisfaction with the call, the product, and the company. Surveys are the most useful tool to carry out this KPI. Resolution in the First Call: it is the ability of your call center to solve problems in the first call with a client. It is directly link to customer satisfaction. Response time: measure how accessible your call center is to customers.

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It to increase customer satisfaction . Schule adherence: is responsible for measuring how much time. During their workday, the agent is available to answer calls or manage data. A good measure is between 80 and 90% of the time. Contact quality: it is normally evaluat by agents specializ. In quality control. It does not measure BTC Database US the quality of the client, but the quality of the contact with him : cordial greetings, data retention, courtesy and professionalism, etc. Now that you know the most important call center KPIs , which ones are you going to start measuring? Send comment Your email address will not be publish.