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Mandatory fields are mark with * Types of call center campaigns, do you know them all? Jan 11, 2023 | Call centers | 0 Comments In a call center you can do many things. The types of campaigns are renew from time to time and with access to a call center you can carry out different promotional actions according to your objectives. Today we talk about the types of campaigns in a call center and we tell you everything you can do to get the most out of your call center.

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And receiving calls you can implement different Chile Phone Number List campaigns that keep your staff busy or that improve the reputation of your company. Call center: know the 13 types of campaigns Telemarketing: the best known of all, bases its efforts on selling and promoting products or services. Customer Support: Provides widespread support for issues and queries. Help Desk: Similar to “Customer Service”, but focus on solving specific problems with technical knowlge about the niche . Telesales: campaign focus on cold sales with specializ agents. Appointments: campaigns to remember appointments or schule new periodic consultations.

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Campaign focus on the collection of rents or unpaid monthly payments. Advertising: it bases its activity on promoting a brand or product without influencing the sale. Post-sales: management of queries or doubts after a massive sales campaign. Green number: it is a campaign that is carri out after catastrophes and providing BTC Database US help to callers . They are usually campaigns carri out by governments and institutions, but also by brands such as airlines. Polls: perfect for finding out the situation of a geographical area and segmentin you must be up to date with everything new that is going to arrive or change to anticipate and adapt your strategy to those new changes. If not, you could be wasting time doing something that no longer works.