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Although in fact what we do is a craft that gives incribly much satisfaction. According to one of the many definitions a programmer is a person who solves everyday problems that other people are unaware of. The moment when after many hours of work. And talks with various experts the client finally gets a working program and can do complicat things with one click it really gives a lot of satisfaction. However FreshMail is not only email or. SMS marketing services but also the entire organizational culture. What is closest to you in it. As I mention we have amazing people on board and together we have manag to develop an organizational culture that works really well.

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There is a lot of freom opportunities trust and motivation here. In my opinion the whole thing came out very naturally without unnecessary regulations or bureaucracy. What appeals to me the most is this freom of action this opportunity to implement my Training Directors Email Lists own initiatives and see how they change FreshMail as a product. women programmers bring a lot and are able to look at the challenges we face from a completely different perspective. Youve been a programmer for years and I want to ask you an important question. At one time there was a buzz about discrimination against women in this area of ​​business.

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Over the years of your work have you. Notic any improvement. Yes there has been improvement over the years. More and more often women appear in recruitments and women have been present in our IT team for a long time. I would love for these statistics BTC Database US to be even better because programmers contribute a lot and are able to look at the challenges we face from a completely different perspective. I also cordially invite all women to IT. Smile I know you know about online security. I would like to ask a bit about this topic because cyberattacks on email boxes are. Becoming more frequent and smarter.