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Accounts And Transactions As Well As Reference Books And Service Procures Ne For Accounting. No Doubt Users Of This Subsystem Will Appreciate The Many Novelties That Appear In The Lager Due To The Implementation Of The Interface. This includes an improve scrolling system for multiple windows, advanc options for using filters, and new features and tools for manipulating the data display in dialog boxes. The main function of maintaining the accounting reference information general l ger is to form the chart of accounts setting chapter and maintain the list of accounts for comprehensive and analytical accounting.

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The chart of accounts appear in the main menu SMS Gateway Hungary reference. Entering and setting the parameters of the accountant executive and subsequently creating the basis for. The chart of accounts is perform from the reference book of the accountant executive invoke. From the submenu reference accountant executive. The window diagram for entering the adjustment accountant responsible person has several tabs containing various properties of the responsible person group by meaning and purpose. Here as in other multi-tab windows for entering adjustment records we have tri to achieve the most convenient representation of chapter data for bank specialists. So the general tab contains the main properties of accounting supervisor like number name account type belongs to job chart of accounts etc.

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The revaluation tab is us to specify

The accounting category to be us when processing BTC Database US payment documents and performing revaluation proc ures. Checking the personal accounts tab shows the properties. To determine the correctness of entering and displaying. The number of personal accounts that will be open on the accountant’s balance account. Accounting chapter figure 1 directory of balance account supervisors. Chapter input adjustment window. Call up the chart of accounts list from the menu reference chart of accounts. The first number in the list is the cr it institution’s main chart of accounts.