For Each Chart of Account

In this list the user assigns accounting chapters and then forms a list of balance accounts for each chapter. For any balance account you can view a list of personal accounts open on it.  From the list of balance accounts in the select section the user invokes a multi-tab window to enter and adjust balance accounts in which to configure their properties graph. Balance account chart chart of accounts formation. The key parameters of the balance account such as the number and name of the account type, the date the account is includ in the work account table, etc. Are plac on the general tab.

The other tabs of the panel

Provide information about the financial instruments SMS Gateway Serbia that are allow to open personal accounts on this balance sheet, as well as user text comments on balance accounts. Setting up the calendar for the banking sector is locat in the menu reference calendar. Note that only users with special permissions can set the calendar and others can only view it. This is a picture of what the system calendar looks like in setup mode. We’ve kept the functionality of the calendar but made it look and set up more intuitive and the interface is as ergonomic as possible.

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For each day, flags are set

To determine the rules for performing accounting BTC Database US operations and their reflection in the accounting moment. Banking services, retail services, or no service flags allow to serve legal entities, and balance flags. The parameters for generating this calendar are display at the bottom of the window. Form. If desir the user can change the flag to set the time to generate the calendar for the select day using the set button next to the number. It can also regenerate the calendar with new parameters for all subsequent dates starting from the select date.  Chart trading day phase list. Stage entry adjustment window users with special permissions can simultaneously switch to different stages of all personal accounts and different account groups within one trading day.