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Table example to customize report actions use the report actions admin panel. In it the user can adjust and enter the operations and step diagrams for building the report. Setup table example diagram panel operation of report form management mode report form features contains a set of windows for setting up the structure of the report form and its variables. It contains distribut report forms subject to legal requirements and also allows you to enter and delete custom report form diagrams. In these windows the user can view the fields of each structure, it if necessary and assign key fields. Structure, settings, balance, structure.

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Present in this article will appeal to users who appreciate the SMS Gateway Bulgaria benefits of the new interface. Its ergonomics, continuity of functions, easy navigation through reports and directories The ability to set a goal that was set years ago. Develop a modern and ergonomic user interface while retaining all the functionality and serviceability of its subsystems. From then on the user interface for the module was creat in stages. In this article I we will learn about the structure and function of the various elements of the new general lger module functionality.

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Become a core In order to ensure the most comfortable and BTC Database US smooth transition to the new version. Of the system for customers, we have retain the basic principles and technical solutions of the previous version. At the same time, the functional content of the subsystem has also chang. It was decid to revamp the core of the system. Separating out from it the functional parts responsible for specific business processes and implementing them as independent modules. One of these modules responsible for accounting is known in its web avatar as the general lger.

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