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Submit Comments Company Community Manager Functions Internet Marketing Year Month Day Internet Marketing Social Network king Comments Definition of Community Manager Some companies provide a clear space for professionals designated as community managers. Yet some businesses are clear on what functions they should perform especially in new businesses. On the one hand, this uncertainty in the field of action of community managers leads to an underestimation of their work. On the other hand, the uncertainty of his activities makes one think that he is also a mediator salesman in social networks or a liaison point between companies and consumers. The fact that a real one is part of it all and more.

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What is the role of a community manager In a world where everything happens on the Internet, businesses have gained enormous reach and public access through great networks Colombia Mobile Number List For this they rely on two basic platforms their own website and social networks. However, users of the latter use them not to buy products but to live their daily lives. This is where the definition of . Its main function is to be the living image of the brand on the Internet, both on websites and on social networks. But let’s see how the complex mechanics of this online presence work. Community Manager’s Events Company Website A problem arose right away.

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If the community around the brand is primarily on social networks why does it have to do anything on the website because in its activities it is responsible for positioning the brand in search engines creating the latest original content BTC Database US Performing site analysis activities then leads him to develop strategies for generating publications and distributing that content. This activity is closely related to social networking. Once the content of the company blog is updated, it is mainly displayed to the public on social networks, but there will also be other activities of community administrators. Social Media Management About Content Every company has a social network that best suits its goals. Of course in most cases the goal is to reach the entire public not only the goal but also the potential.