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It includes users accessing their financial information and their money itself in such a way that various digital identity payments can made securely and instantly with a single click. At the forefront of digital government Many Latin American countries such as Uruguay or Colombia are at the forefront of digital government development. Yet at an international level the group was a few years ago and the main pioneers of this type of infrastructure came together to demonstrate their progress to the international community. Estonia, Israel, New Zealand, South Korea and Great Britain make up this group. Among these countries Estonia has taken the leading position in the implementation of professional projects for the digitization of services since 2009 and has to investments in planning with an avant-garde vision.

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Computer lets kids learn to code in their language Costa Rica Mobile Number List School Estonia was. The first country to recognize internet access as a fundamental human right. As soon as we set foot in its capital Tallinn it’s as if we are a few years ahead of the rest of the world. There is a network open to all residents and many common street services such as parking meters or taxis can paid digitally using just your mobile phone. It’s not news that NATO trusts them to have a cybernetic investigation office or that a company that in the way we communicate has been born in this small country. All citizens receive a one-digit identifier from childhood.

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This key is use as your digital identity to perform all necessary in your life BTC Database US Even Estonia’s idea is that the government shouldn’t ask for the same document twice because its goal is to digitize everything. It made huge strides when it Russian rule in 2011, thanks to an economically failing state that sought its residents to work together and learn together. The development of digital government thus involves more than just a new term in contemporary demagoguery. This is already a reality in many countries, within the reach of all citizens and with great benefits. Even in countries like Estonia where the concept is not new, great strides have made further developments have been made.