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How to get started don’t be intimidated when you walk in for the first time getting started is easy. The only thing we need is an email account to be able to sign up. So we can start facing the first step of verifying our ownership network as you can imagine this tool will only allow us to see statistics for those sites that we work on. To communicate this information to domain validation tools with various methods are used. We are given two methods of verification to prove that we have access to the network from which we wish to view all performance information.

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The domain verification method is one of the more recent Exit Mobile Phone Numbers additions. It’s also a great joy because it allows you to manage. Everything more efficiently. Not having to add different versions of the site with and without with and without different subdomains is a bit of a pain please what this method does is group all the information and show us the grouped data. The only thing we need to do in order to use this method in is to verify our domain by records. Google explains in detail all the necessary steps to verify the domain by verifying we will have access to all the aggregated data of our domain.

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Traditional method although the first option is more BTC Database US comfortable. If for some reason we cannot modify it we can also use the traditional method it has an alternative. The search console tab provides an alternative method to verify ownership of our site. File using this technique we will upload the file in the main folder to our server which will read it. In this case it is important not to delete. The file to prevent google from making us inaccessible after a while. Tabs in the head of the page template are certainly one of the main approaches.