Correct use of meta tags and structured

The websites using JavaScript JavaScript frameworks like React Vue Angular are becoming increasingly popular for website development. They allow you to speed up coding and create a dynamic interface. But there is a nuance on such JavaScript sites the content is not displayed immediately. First the main frame with empty blocks is drawn and the data is loaded into these blocks dynamically a little later when the user scrolls the page. This effect is called crawling JavaScript rendering. Everything works quickly for the user. But for Google at the first moment of loading the page is empty.

Therefore in more and more sites using

React Vue and Angular will have to be further South Africa Telegram Number Data optimized for correct indexing by search engines. Although search engines are constantly improving their algorithms for indexing JS sites optimizers still need to manually check such resources for SEO errors. Therefore in the coming years the volume of tasks for specialists working at the intersection of SEO and web development will only grow. To compete more successfully in search teamwork in this area is extremely important. How to implement Server Rendering SSR. Use serverside rendering to serve readymade content from the server. This improves indexing and speeds up first screen loading time.

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JavaScript loading optimization

Reduce the amount of JavaScript code defer loading of Spain Phone Number List noncritical scripts and use asynchronous loading techniques. This will help speed up the content rendering time. Improved time to first paint TTFP. Focus on getting the first content on your site out as quickly as possible. This can be achieved by optimizing resources and using caching. Correct use of meta tags and structured data. Make sure your meta tags and structured data are set up correctly for indexing. This includes title tags description tags and data that helps search engines understand the content of your site. This will solve the problem of rendering creep and improve the perception of JavaScript.