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The about all points of sale and service provision their addresses contact numbers opening hours everything should be easily found by users. Register your company in the Yandex.Business service. Add it to maps and local thematic lists. This increases your chances of being found in local search queries. Optimize your site for local queries. Include city or area names as keywords on your site. For example if you sell flowers use keywords like flower shop in your city. Motivate customers to leave reviews about your business on Google Yandex and popular reviews.

Positive reviews increase a companys visibility in local searches

Regularly update and supplement data on all points of sale and Saudi Arabia Telegram Number Data offices of the company. Read on the topic How a business can get clients using local SEO in Yandex . User Experience UX User experience UX is the impressions and feelings of a visitor from interacting with a site. How clear is the navigation is it convenient to search for the necessary information are the buttons clickable is the content displayed correctly all this together makes up UX. It is important to understand that UX is not the same as website design.

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There are situations when the site

Brings applications and conversions but at the same time Saudi Arabia Phone Number List you dont like it in terms of design. And vice versa there are beautiful stylish sites that do not perform commercial tasks well. In the first case there is no need to intervene in the UX in the second on the contrary it is necessary to optimize the user experience even if the design is initially good. Here it is important to focus on business targets when assessing the effectiveness of the site and deciding on the need to improve the UX. How to implement Conduct a usability audit. Use Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics tools to understand how users interact with your site.