This is what a quick response block

The this zero position is called OneBox and in Yandex it is called sorcerer. How it works a person asks a question and next to the search results he immediately sees a short answer. For example how many residents are there in Moscow the weather in Samara or is this a drop in traffic. This is what a quick response block looks like in Yandex Block with a quick response in Yandex And so on Google OneBox block in Google More and more people are finding the answer to their question directly in Google or Yandex search results. They dont have to go to separate sites.

According to a study by Semrush of queries from mobile

Phones and from desktops Sweden Telegram Number Data result in zero clicks. This means that the user does not click on any links in the results. Why is this happening For example people often look for contacts or addresses of companies nearby. And they immediately see this information in the search results without clicking through. Or they are interested in the age of celebrities the transfer of currencies search engines instantly respond to such requests. And people already expect to see the answer to their question without going anywhere. In general the zero clicks feature will only gain popularity.

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Therefore it is worth adapting the content for quick answers

To increase the chance that your site will be chosen to Sweden Phone Number List display the answer in the search results. On the other hand such queries with answers inside the search can lead to a decrease in user transitions directly to the site. But you can turn this to your advantage if you provide partial information in your answers. This will stimulate user interest and desire to go to the site. Read on the topic How to get into Yandex quick answers and is it worth striving there How to implement Analyze the most popular queries that bring.