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Modifying government systems and the entire infrastructure upon which they operate puts aside the goals of this new way of working citizens. The political decision to create an open government that accommodates and is part of all citizens in the way they receive public services is thus made following Steve Jobs’ dictum of grounding users’ needs. This opening up focuses on three sectors: trust. It involves empowering citizens so that they can openly participate in the defining issues of national development. Moreover, to exercise this power dialogue must be bilateral and allow full access to government data using transparency as the greatest tool of public credibility.

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Health Aldous Huxley pointed out in the 1990s that one of the great enemies of democracy is the formation of bureaucracies. These are grouped horizontally and vertically Croatia Mobile Number List so that users have increasingly limited access to programs and services and it is difficult to reach the responsible persons. Accessibility models of digital government consider the well-being of citizens from this perspective. With the generation of attention and the completion of online procedures, the quality of services is enhanced, its competitiveness and the mission of government to serve the governed do its job by facilitating the lives of its citizens. efficiency. Digital government is more effective in terms of intelligence. This requires the use of ICT to design new policies based on the accuracy of tests that are open to the public.

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Make more objective decisions based on data BTC Database US Direct digital government enhancements have many other advantages for citizens of countries with digital governments in addition to executing procedures online. The first is that proposals can be created or voted on in order to apply or withdraw them. A current example of this type is the Mexican block chain generation which involved in its testing the execution of the first fully digital public tender. Another advantage is that direct and immediate complaints can both improve services and structures and give more weight to citizens’ voices. The last and probably the most relevant advantage has to do with online programs.