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Prompt us to use the list to add the name of a competitor city if it is a local business or use inappropriate terminology before launching a campaign. This way we avoid paying for terms we are not in the first place. How to Create a Negative Keyword List One of the ways to create a negative keyword list is as above in the search terms report. Another way to create and access lists is in the Negative Keyword Lists section of the Tools & Settings library. Create a Negative Keyword List Click the blue button to add a Negative Keyword List and write the keywords you want to exclude.

What happens to your old cell phone number

Add negative keywords to your list Once you’ve created Philippines Mobile Number List your list, choose the campaigns you want to add them to. They appear at the bottom of the page. Check the Negative Keywords list box, click the Apply to Campaign button and select the appropriate campaign. When you’re ready, remember to do this step regularly as there are always new search terms popping up. Especially if you use phrase or broad match keywords. Negative Keyword Matching As you know when we add a keyword to a search campaign we have to choose in which match we want to use it broad phrase or exact. The same goes for negative words eg.

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What happens to your old number when you change it

In our example above about English courses BTC Database US we wanted to exclude French courses. With broad match we could exclude a specific French word. This would prevent that word from appearing anywhere in the search. For example, French courses, French courses, French exams. If we are putting words in a certain order we will use phrase notation. For example, if your negative keyword is French courses and a user searches for French courses or French certificates your ad will show but will not be activated if the user searches for French courses in Barcelona. Negating the exact match symbol will block specific terms.