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For example if the search term is very similar to our phrase or broad match keywords we might use exact match as we find that is a common form of search. Types of Negative Keywords After performing the previous step you will see three options displayed to add as Negative Keyword Ad Group. bell. Negative keyword list. Adding keywords to an ad group means optimizing for search terms at the specific ad group level. Example Suppose we have a language courses campaign and in one ad group we have keywords related to English courses and another to French courses.

Can you keep your old phone number

In order to optimize the campaign we don’t want the Peru Mobile Number List term French courses to appear in the English courses group. So we exclude the word French at the ad group level for English courses. Eye If we are optimizing an ad group for negative keywords we have to be very careful not to add them at the campaign level. If this happens we will block the keyword and the ad will not be. You may be interest in how to run an advertising campaign and be successful Adding keywords to the campaign will help us exclude terms that are not relevant to our product service.

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Let’s think again about the previous example BTC Database US of a school in Valencia offering language courses. For example we can exclude free other cities Madrid Barcelona exercise employment etc. But we always recommend looking at the search terms report and excluding words based on actual data. Add keywords to negative keyword list This option is highly recommended when we have many campaigns and we can use the same list across multiple campaigns. You can also organize your search terms by topic. The limit is keywords per listing and listings per account but these numbers are more than enough.