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Knowing what they do and how to develop your own strategy is crucial. Beware you don’t want to know what your competitors are doing to copy them but to lead you in which direction to always try to improve their strategy. The definition of a friendly editorial calendar is now yes. Have a clear set of goals. We have defined our buyer personas. We know what they are looking for and how. And we have researched what our competitors are doing to try to do it better than them. Now is the time to translate our strategy into a document.

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Editorial calendars that allow us to organize our South Africa Mobile Number List priorities and measure their results over time. We like using spreadsheets because we find it easier to map all the information in a dashboard that involves the whole team, but you can use whatever format you’re comfortable with and allows you to include the information you want Live Content Calendar Keywords and Traffic. The title of the content. Content type. Status Post Date Comment Content Type We have pointed out before that there should be no single type of content in your strategy but it depends on your target audience.

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Moments where industries and even projects are. Some BTC Database US of the most common types of content that we typically use are categories that correspond to transactional keywords that you pull from your keyword research such as women’s shoes. Posts The blog is designed to deal with informational content not related to direct purchases but can help you position yourself as an expert in front of your target audience, such as how to care for leather shoes. eBooks Are you an expert in a specific field in your industry? Can you provide your audience with original, exclusive and high-value content? Downloadable eBooks are the way to go. Infographics are used in many contexts.