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Is the second big step in our content strategy definition. Define Objectives Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Timely Specific objectives vary by project type but are always oriented towards one or both of the following objectives Increase brand or company awareness Enhance its social relevance and its positioning as an industry expert. Increase the number of leads you receive and consequently increase your business. Understand this as what is the ultimate goal of selling subscription downloads or items. Creating Buyer Personas How we know who our target audience is and who all our efforts should be directed at.

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We strongly believe that creating buyer personas is Slovenia Mobile Number List an essential part of developing a content strategy. As you know a buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer but as close to reality and as detailed as possible. If you need to create it and want us to help you please feel free to contact us. You must create your own buyer personas. The most important thing when creating a buyer persona is to simplify as much as possible the characteristics of your ideal customer down to the smallest detail and give them a name and personality that will align you with your needs. Keyword Research and Search Intent Any content strategy must be based on this research.

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That concludes understanding what search intent your BTC Database US customers. Are looking for and how they searched for it keywords. Do you want to know how we do keyword research in. We have a whole post to tell you all about it. Armed with all the information we build a calendar to prioritize the keywords we are most interested in based on the strategy and goals of each specific project. Competitive Research Once you know the keywords you want to target you have to ask yourself who is showing up in these searches on Google right now and the answer is your online competition.