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That same curiosity remains when you are an adult and that same curiosity will encourage you to investigate and learn more about everything that interests you and deepen your knowledge. Investigations fuel your creativity and change your desire to create new things. Don’t be afraid to imitate someone or something. It’s hard not to focus on it if it likes it or draws your attention. Imitating it doesn’t make you a bad person because everything stems from other things. However that doesn’t mean you do exactly the same you just give yourself an idea and generate your own. With this you can add value to the original idea and even improve it.

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Get out of the routine or at least make it more fun. Don’t do Denmark Cell Phone Number List the same thing if you want a different result. Einstein Sometimes we get so absorbed in our day-to-day tasks that routine gradually starts to take over us. Every day we start doing the same thing as the day before we are in automatic mode. Well if you want to wake up your creativity dare to put your comfort zone aside change the way you think the way you see things make your habits even a little bit more interesting. Start solving challenges creatively with ingenuity and you’ll see how everything starts to flow. If you keep doing the same thing you won’t get better results I promise.

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If you want inspiration to come to you it has to find your work BTC Database US This is not what I said, but what Picasso said. You have to follow the rules but only follow the necessary rules. Creativity, like many other things, requires a process and must be carried out according to certain rules in order to proceed smoothly. I’m not really going to tell you what those rules are because I don’t know them but what I want to use this to explain to you is that you have to create a balance between what you can and can’t do when you’re creative. But we have to remember that too much is too much, and here is no exception. The use of exaggerated rules can inhibit and disrupt the creative process.