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Comments Creativity is the wisdom of having fun Albert Einstein Dominican Republic Mobile Number List Creativity is your ability to create new things of real value when you see what others don’t. It is the way the brain works in an original way to achieve a purpose combined with competence, motivation, attitude and knowledge. I have heard several people say that they are not creative or that only designers and marketers have the right but I have something to tell you that we all have creativity, just awaken it from hiding and put it into practice. Creativity is like a muscle so you have to train it. True creativity requires spontaneous practice but above all inspiration.

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So I want to use this to help you develop your creativity BTC Database US Are you ready? You have to develop your observation skills. In this technological world we live in we miss out on so much by being glued to our phone tablet or computer. To observe is to discover everything around us. It is to awaken your senses and find inspiration in them. Observation stimulates your creativity because it awakens your mind. Investigate after observation. It was once said that a creative adult is a child who survived but why? Well, it’s simple. When you were a kid you were always curious and you wanted to know everything around you and you definitely had that ability to create.