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The clicks artificially inflates the number of subscribers likes and so on. It can also steal and use visitors personal data without their knowledge. To combat such dishonest sites Yandex has introduced a special filter. If it works then the sites position drops significantly in search. This is what a clickjacking notification looks like in. Webmaster notification about clickjacking in Webmaster. How to remove the clickjacking filter. Remove invisible elements hidden on top of the content from all pages of the site that intercept clicks or force actions on users.

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Disable any scripts and code that perform actions on behalf of the Canada Telegram Number Data visitor without his knowledge subscriptions likes reposts clicking on links. Make sure that all active elements on the site buttons links fields are visible to the user and are not blocked by other objects. Conduct a technical audit of the site by the developer for other hidden elements and vulnerabilities. After you have completed these steps you can click the I fixed everything button in Webmaster and wait for the restrictions to be lifted. You can press the button again no more often than after days.

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Reasons for the mobile filter to trigger

Mobile filter Although there is no official mobile filter as such Canada Phone Number List Yandex still evaluates the usability of the site on mobile devices and downgrades resources without optimization for smartphones. How Yandex checks sites for mobile responsiveness read in Webmaster. Help.  Lack of adaptive layout. The font is too small. Dense and inconvenient arrangement of interactive elements. Horizontal scroll bars. Slow download speed on mobile network.  thing in common they make it very difficult to use the site on mobile devices. Example of a website not optimized for mobile devices Example of a website not optimized for mobile devices The main sign of the mobile filters effect is a drop in the sites position.