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The Advertising filter This Yandex tool fights intrusive and aggressive online advertising that bothers users. The following sites fall under its scope.  With a large volume of advertising banners covering the content. With popup and popup advertising windows. Where advertising imitates useful elements of the page. Shocking advertising or shock advertising. Example of a site with excessive advertising.  Example of a site with excessive advertising.  In addition the filter may work if Advertising misleads users. Hidden or targeted advertising is use without the consent of visitors. The volumes and formats of advertising do not correspond to the topic of the pages.

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This is what a notification looks like in.  Webmaster if there Cambodia Telegram Number Data is an excess of advertising on the site notification to Webmaster if there is too much advertising on the site How to get rid of the ad filter Conduct an audit of all advertising materials on the site for legitimacy readability intrusiveness and consistency with the content. Remove all intrusive advertising popup windows banners completely blocking the content materials imitating content. do not interfere with the perception of the content. Advertising should be placed only in specially designated places. Reduce the total amount of advertising to a reasonable level consistent with the theme of the site.

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Compliance with these rules and recommendations will help Cambodia Phone Number List you avoid problems with the filter for advertising content. Clickjacking Clickjacking is a fraudulent technique used to mislead users. The website pages contain elements invisible to humans which cover the entire screen or individual objects on it. When a visitor clicks the mouse in the place where such an invisible element is located a script predetermined by the site owner is executed which the user is not even aware of. This could be for example subscribing to social networks liking or reposting posts clicking on advertising links and much more.