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The Yandex mobile search results. At the same time the site can retain its previous positions in desktop search results. Read on the topic Responsive design or mobile version making an informed choice To remove the mobile filter you need to do the following Conduct an audit of the mobile version of the site for interface convenience font size and the presence of horizontal scroll bars. Modify an existing or create an adaptive mobile version of the site taking into account usability requirements. Check the correct display on different mobile devices and at different screen resolutions.

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Optimize mobile page loading speed compress images Oman Telegram Number Data minimize css and js enable text compression. Simplify the functionality for touch control capabilities increase the area of active elements. Summary So we have looked at the main Yandex filters that can punish sites for various violations. As you can see there are quite a lot of reasons to fall under sanctions. But this is not a reason to give up. In the vast majority of cases problems with filters can be avoided if Create useful unique content for visitors. Do not overoptimize texts for key queries.

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Do not inflate behavioral factors and link mass. Ensure China Phone Number List that materials on the site are safe and ethical. Optimize the resource for mobile devices. If you suspect that your resource may have suffered from Yandex sanctions its time to contact SEO .  the reasons for falling under the filters and develop a strategy to restore position SEO events calendar conferences ratings events anniversary SEO.RU Reading time minutes Update date promises to be an eventful year for SEO specialists IT specialists marketers and business owners. We have compiled a calendar of upcoming events conferences agency ratings and the anniversary of SEO.RU. Mark in your calendars the events you dont want to miss.