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The mission: to optimally shape the rapidly changing digital working world in the interests of people and the company and to sustainably increase the digital fitness of organizations. According to the BVDW ranking 2021, HIRSCHTEC is one of the 50 largest digital agencies in Germany. Watch Day 1 of the New Normal Summit on demand. day 2 Exploring the digital workplace and how Powell Intranet and Powell Teams are supporting the future of work On Day 2 of the New Normal Summit, Powell Software’s digital workspace experts showed you the technology that can concretely help you in 2022.

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We explored how Powell Intranet and Powell Teams can help different departments achieve their goals. Company Intranet Digital Latest Mailing Database Workplace Multi Device Powell intranet In the first session, you will learn how a modern intranet like Powell Intranet helps communications teams to inform, engage and include all employees. Our experts explore: How to create a better employee experience with a single and centralized portal How to go beyond a traditional intranet and create a more engaging platform How to integrate unemployed employees into the corporate culture Who should attend this session.

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Everyone! You will particularly enjoy this track if you are a communications. Or human resource manager, run a business or simply interested BTC Database US in internal communications, employee engagement and creating a better work environment.Unless you’re living under a rock, chances are your business relies on digital communications on a day-to-day basis. Digital means of communication support both internal and external initiatives, from team collaboration to sales strategies. While it’s easy to sit back and let these tools do all the work. However, a conscious use of digital communication in the workplace is a relatively low-effort initiative that brings great benefits.