The patience of superiors and learning

It is worth taking an internship while still studying – the end of the fourth or the beginning of the fifth year is absolutely the last bell for it. If you’re just starting to look for apprenticeships with a master’s degree, then I have to worry you: it’s a bit late for that. Basically, internships – in my private understanding – are free and internships are paid. Internships – at least in the field of Polish studies – were an obligatory part of studies. It is a developing, although very short time only ? hours? for the whole semester, when you can finally try to turn your theoretical knowlge from studies into action. Internship in an online service or in an advertising agency, despite its modest length, allows you to verify this: you have to answer one fucking, but it’s a fucking important question.

This is how it turn out for me

What do you want to do in life – and start doing it. Work “on cotton balls” After practice and internship, it’s time to look for your first job. Why “on database cotton balls”? There is no deception that after several hours of practice, some leading advertising agency will contact you and immiately offer the position of Senior Copywriter. In the place where student internships take place, it is worth checking the situation whether there is a chance to stay there for longer. that after unpaid, obligatory student internships in one of Krakow’s agencies.


Learning as much as possible

I was offer a job “on cotton balls”. Agreement? garbage. Earnings? VERY poor, but still a step forward and something more than free BTC Database US practice. During the first job for not very nice money, it is worth absorbing everything from the environment and, observing, analyzing, drawing conclusions. Of course, this is no longer a stage for testingĀ  the basics from scratch, but it’s still time to sort some things out in your head, digest and unlearn some bad habits.