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Appreciate thanks for sharing positive opinions Get system to build corporate culture With more than 100 reward options, you can let them choose the reward they want Reward according to the principles you set and have a function program that you can access anytime and anywhere. Why Your BrandĀ  a Loyalty Program Home Blog Why Your Brand Needs a Loyalty Program While the ever-changing technology, mobile devices, socio-cultural environment has led to changes in people’s spending habits and behavior, the fact is we now have more options at our fingertips. Making it easier than ever to change the brands we use.

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As new millennials join this growth spiral, brands are starting List of US Mobile Phone Numbers to get more help from loyalty programs and rewards to retain customers. Amazing statistics about loyalty programs prove this and why brands should have good loyalty programs. Current Customer Value It goes without saying that attracting a new customer is much more costly than retaining an existing customer. According to research, the average cost of acquiring a new customer is $100,000 and the average cost of retaining an existing customer is $100.00. Losing a customer costs seven times as much as gaining a new one CompaniesĀ  to find ways to create the concept of customers for life rather than losing customers.

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Let’s look at how much an existing customer is worth with BTC Database US detailed statistics. Businesses lose trillions of dollars every year when customers decide to change the brands they use. While the likelihood of selling to a new customer is between 1 and 2, for existing customers the rate is approx. Bringing in new customers can cost twice as much as retaining existing ones. Facts have prove that existing customers contribute to the operation of the company and new customers can only contribute to the company. Future profits come from existing customers and from potential new customers. Why customers change the brands they use due to modern technology has come the internet to use water.