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More than one grievance that result in penalties or legal action from other website owners. Tags are us for search engine positioning to avoid this problem and indicate to Google which version you want to show users to avoid incurring negative practices in the eyes of search engines There are strategies to avoid duplicate content such as using of course canonical tags or using files to enforce searches Crawling guide for engine bots. If you want to delve deeper into this topic our í have prepare a very technical article on the use and importance of this tag.

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Don’t miss the importance of Recommend Articles tags Sri Lanka Mobile Number List in Rich Search results are snippets of structure data that appear in when a search is perform on a term or keyword. They usually consist of a title, two lines containing content relevant to the user’s search intent, an image, a video, a review, a rating, a text, and the website it refers to. Marking up its guidelines with so-call structure data, separate by delimiters, can add certain information to make snippets more attractive using code micro formats that, when recognize , convert it into additional information to be display in search results.

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There are several advantages of using rich snippets BTC Database US¬†improving our site’s indexing, relating content across multiple pages through additional links, or highlighting content with rich snippets, images and videos in search engines. Sitemap A sitemap file is an encode file that must be upload to the root directory of the server to tell us to crawl all the crawling priorities we assign to each page, content update dates, and how often we recommend revisiting it. In turn it cannot contain more than nor exec. These files help us improve our website.