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But we dont mean that in a negative way at all. Bimi is meant to motivate you to use stronger email authentication. And thats a good thing. You see, while email spoofing can hurt your brand reputation, its an even bigger problem for mailbox providers like gmail, outlook, and apple mail. When people using their email services start getting dup by scammers, they can lose trust in that mailbox provider for letting those shady emails through instead of blocking them or sending them to spam. Email authentication is the only way to stop spoofing, and dmarc domain-bas message authentication and conformance is the best way to do it. The problem is, too many senders have dmarc policies that are too relax.

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You have three options for a dmarc policy: p=none: there is no policy and mailbox providers must decide how to filter the message if it fails dmarc. P=quarantine: this policy tells mailbox providers to send any message that fails dmarc to spam. P=reject: this is the strictest policy. It tells mailbox providers to block messages that fail dmarc from being deliver. By now, you might see where this is going. To get a bimi logo, you must have a dmarc policy of either p=quarantine or p=reject. However, too many senders chose to stick business database with a p=none policy after setting up dmarc, and that does absolutely nothing to prevent spoofing. Bimi is suppos to nudge brands in the right direction Because marketers and brand owners love seeing their logo in as many places as possible.

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I mean, its sort of vain, but its true. So, mailbox providers are looking for a little advice on how to filter emails that appear to be from your brand but might not be. The folks behind the bimi email specification just want us all to do more to protect our subscribers from all the bad actors out there. And why not? Well, it seems theres reluctance because dmarc is tricky to set up, and some senders worry that legitimate messages could inadvertently BTC Database US be block or quarantin. In addition to enforcing dmarc, youll also ne whats known as a verifi mark certificate vmc if you want to get the most out of the bimi email specification. Certain mailbox providers namely gmail require a vmc before your logo is display in the inbox. A vmc will cost brands around $1,500 per year.