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Events in online marketing and especially in online marketing have become a feature of an industry that is highly devot to training. Some of these activities have been referenc for example in Latin America within a few years. When is the catalog celebrating the year? Thanks to the agency, this great event starts. The event goes to different Latin American countries, Argentina, Mexico, Chile or Peru. This year’s 2019 ition will be held in a fully online format, as two dates originally sch ul to take place, 12:00 to 19:00, have been cancel due to the pandemic situation. Who is the speaker in the annual version scene of the Haitian Conference If there is anything particularly outstanding in this conference, it is its speaker poster.

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Well-known faces of the industry on the one hand we can Egypt Mobile Number List talk about English reps where we highlight the founders or although it does appear in the Spanish speaking speakers section who have been attending talks in Spanish for months and dealing with both Spanish and English. Great posters for speaker speakers. For the section representing different Latin American countries including Spain, we can highlight names like. One of our favorite parts about this event is that it accommodates different professionals from the same industry. We will be able to see re in them not forgetting the m ia.

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Want m ia representatives such as á and of Mexico. That’s not BTC Database US all because the important international company of the year will also be present or waiting with the regional managers. In short it was a great meeting of professionals showing us different perspectives on digital projects. This is a huge value proposition for a campaign that is becoming the benchmark for digital marketing professionals. The 2019 event wraps up some of the best moments you can see in this video and remember all the demos made are available as a free download on their website. If you want to buy tickets for free you can do so from the official website.

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