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their weight. Low quality images: The images we place on our website must be  who return confirm of quality. If we do not have the ability to take good photos, it is better that we invest in hiring a photographer. Let’s remember that the image is worth a thousand words and that effectiveness will help us convert users into recurring customers who will recommend us if we perform well. Errors in browsers: Sometimes, some web pages do not load correctly in all browsers. It is the same case with the usability of the site. If our website cannot be viewed from any device we will be sacrificing many visits.

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s easily. Learning to analyze the results we find to improve our services and the digital proposals we have is very useful. As in many cases, the first impression is what counts. RESPONSIVE DESIGN According to Google, responsive design.  Google algorithms should automatically Business Database find these settings if all Googlebot user-agents are allowed to browse the page and its elements (images.  CSS. And JavaScript). Through responsive design, the same code adapted to the screen size is

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sent to all devices. To learn how to use the meta tag name=»viewport. which tells the browser how the content should adapt, we recommend consulting this Google article: Responsive web design As for the reasons why to use responsive design.  It allows Google algorithms to properly set indexing properties to the page without having to flag the BTC Database US  existence of corresponding pages for mobile devices and desktop computers.