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ELEMENTS TO HAVE A GOOD USER INTERFACE A good web design should  With Logical Navigation be simple and in line with the brand it represents. This is the basic element, but there are other elements that we cannot forget, such as: WHERE DO EACH OF THE ELEMENTS GO? That is one of the first questions we must ask ourselves. Even before selecting the color and format, it is important that we consider what the page should have and then think about using a template, getting one that matches the elements they present. We don’t necessarily have to put everything in buttons on the home page, it is also important to synthesize and show a clean design and not add too

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To create the website it is important to have a

much content. WHAT COLORS WORK BEST? To create the website it is important to have a graphic manual with the colors, measurements and other elements that define the brand image. Colors will also serve to identify calls to action and should stand out from the rest of the page. Color also communicates. HOW MUCH TEXT SHOULD WE HAVE? The trend for some years now indicates that the text must be supported by graphic content so that it does not end up saturating the reader. That is why the use of interactive images and infographics that allow the user to  Business Email List interact with the content is positive. CAN WE HAVE ANIMATIONS? The answer is yes, but we must be careful if we reach excess. A page that is constantly moving and not harmonious ends up with a high bounce rate, as people will become exhausted by the excess

but it is desirable that it be harmonious

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NO RESTRICTIONS. RESEARCH IS KEY. When placing texts, one possibility is to place a white or black background to neutralize the colorful background. We only have a series of recommendations that, after analysis, we can implement in our project to guarantee success. LIST OF FACTORS THAT WE MUST CONSIDER IN WEB DESIGN Attractive websites are not always the most effective because just because something is visually pleasing does not mean it is useful or functional. Next, we will comment on some factors: ORDER AND HIERARCHICAL SENSE The organi BTC Database US   zation of content is vital for effective web design. If it is logical, the brain assimilates it in a friendly way; If it is not, a conflict is generated that disturbs and frustrates us